Food & Beverage Point of Sales System

The AcePos Touchscreen system is suitable for all types of Food & Beverage businesses such as restaurants, self service stalls, cafetaria, karaoke outlets, bars, night clubs, cafes, kopitiam, coffee houses and Mamak restaurants.

Every Business has different needs, and we have simplified the packaging to suit to each of our satisfied clients requirements. There are few versions to decide on which best suits to your needs.


  1. Ordering App / Tablet
    • Wireless Staff Tablet Ordering for increase efficiency at your fingertips.
    • Supports all ios / Android Platform
    • Instead of writing on paper, why not just order directly to the POS system for faster serving. Time is of the essence for our current fast-pace trend, so must the POS system as well.
  2. Que Numbering Call
    • On screen Que Number on TV / Screen for customer to collect their order.
    • Modern Trendy looking que number system on BIG SCREEN. Make it BIG, make it easy for your customer to collect their ready Food & Beverages.
    • Manual Numbering display also available for your choices.
  3. QR Code Scanning
    • Customer can self-order to speed up ordering process.
    • With QR Code Scanning, ordering for your customer will be a breeze. Just scan, order and confirm. 
    • Simple, Fast & Safe (Social Distancing).
  4. Auto Email sales to you
    • Log in and check sales? 
    • Why not let the POS system do the work for you. A POS System that sends sales to you without you doing anything. All in the palm of your hands, without doing anything. 
  5. Intuitive interface
    • Bringing back from old to New, we make it as colorful as possible to keep it interesting and user friendly. 
    • A Malaysian vintage style POS Interface. 
    • Colorful as its cultural.
  6. Table Smartcard Order
    • Customer can now just grab and order while sitting anywhere in the café. We know our business operator are always busy, and a POS system that helps you remember order instead of you asking customer every time where they are sitting or so. Let the POS do the job instead.
  7. Cloud Sync
    • The current trend that demands instant connectivity to all other branches. Ace System is Cloud Ready for all your branches and HQ needs to consolidate, manage and report.

Basic F&B Pos System

Standard F&B POS System

Professional Retail POS System


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